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Early Childhood education and development is extremely important. Over time, we’ve designed and adapted programs to meet the high standards of today’s world of education. By providing a supportive environment, we make sure each child and parent receives exactly what they need.


Infant Care

Learn Laugh N Grow offers a warm, welcoming, and supportive classroom for all infants, to make that first transition from home natural and easy for both you and your child. We take a partnership approach with parents, from working with you to develop and maintain your child's daily schedule to capturing special moments and milestones. We turn ordinary caregiving routines into teachable moments based on individual needs and assesments.


Two Year Old Care

This is the time when your little one's character starts to take shape and they blossom into their own little person. Learn Laugh N Grow provides fun learning experiences that encourage your two year old to explore their environment and interact with their peers and teachers. Learn Laugh N Grow utilizes Creative Curriculum, the teacher uses the curriculum as well as the environment around them to meet your child's needs and interests.



Life is an adventure when you are a preschooler. Learn Laugh N Grow provides plenty of opportunities for preschoolers to explore and grow. The sounds of children laughing and playing are the sounds we love to hear while learning at Learn Laugh N Grow. We provide children with the environment, nutrition, safety and tools they need to keep their active minds growing and learning. We provide our preschoolers with 

  • Hands-on involvement 

  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills 

  • Developmentally-appropriate practices 

  • Character development

  • Social-emotional activities

  • Literacy skills 

  • Vocabulary 

  • Small group instruction


School Age

Learn Laugh N Grow supports children in becoming the kindest, most capable, and most resilient version of themselves. We provide continuous materials and activities that support their developing skills in all domains. Our school age program is not just homework and studies. Whether it's virtual learning or before/after care, Learn Laugh N Grow provides and extension of learning, fun and social skills beyond the expectations of the school they attend.

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